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A great web design company can help you convert visitors into returning customers.

Every successful business allows its customers to book appointments, schedule meetings, and accept payments online. You might be asking, “How do I book appointments, schedule meetings, and grow revenue through my website?” or, “How do I set up a booking page on my website?” Working with a web designer gives you the tools to book appointments through your website, and harnesses the power of analytics to help you learn more about your customer base.

Bushwick Design has structured the layout of our clients’ websites to lead visitors to book appointments and pay online. We empower our clients with complete control of their bookings and web integrations.

Here are some ways Bushwick Design has helped their clients achieve record-breaking growth and profits in 2023.

Scheduling Appointments

Whether booking appointments for your beauty salon, yoga studio, tattoo parlor, or recording studio, we can help. We integrate third party booking systems like Square and Calendly seamlessly into your website’s layout, so customers can easily schedule meetings directly through your website. We can help you convert leads to lifelong customers. With a great web designer, it’s never been simpler.

While Square and Calendly are fine tools on their own, we integrate these third party systems fully into the design of our client’s websites. We incorporate multiple call-to-actions and buttons that lead a potential customer to booking forms, rapidly converting organic visitors into a paying customers. Let the forms do the job of collecting emails, phone numbers, and payments, and watch your calendar fill up.

Incorporating booking software into your website is a powerful way to learn more about your customers. See the data behind where, when, and what your customers are booking on your website, and use that data to better your services. 

We make these tools a part of our clients’ entire web ecosystem. Everything works together – from the site’s design to the data it collects, all in service of bettering your business. 

Selling Tickets for Events 

Whether you’re selling event tickets on your website, or booking private lessons and group classes, we can help. We use online meeting scheduling software and third party calendar management systems to help boost sales. 

We custom-tailor third-party applications like The Events Calendar Pro for each of our clients, helping them manage a wide range of events, schedules, and group classes. It’s an effective and simple way to admin bookings under one umbrella, while allowing customers to easily buy a ticket to your next event.

We created an engaging and inspiring layout for Pearl City Clay House, making it easy for visitors to browse programming, buy tickets and required kits for classes, and shop arts, crafts, and merchandise from local artists. 

The website has since been a major driving force in promoting and introducing the program to their local community and tourists alike. 

Consultation Bookings

You can also monetize your time more effectively by booking free or paid consultations via your website.

We’ve integrated third-party booking services like Acuity Scheduling into our clients’ websites to help generate new leads. Allowing potential customers to easily schedule time to learn more about your product or service is a fast way to build a new relationship with a potential client. 

Brooklyn SolarWorks came to us with a Squarespace site that was limiting their ability to showcase their innovative solar solutions. Our redesigned Brooklyn SolarWorks website not only features vibrant videos and a seamless user experience, but a fully integrated scheduling system allowing users to easily select a time to consult with one of their experts.


Booking appointments and scheduling meetings on your website has become essential in the current digital landscape. A great web designer can help you optimize your website to convert visitors into loyal customers. Bushwick Design is a leading web design company that specializes in integrating booking forms and payment portals into their clients’ websites. We allow businesses to streamline their appointment scheduling process and boost revenue. Here are some key ways we have helped our clients achieve remarkable growth and profits:

  • Seamless Appointment Scheduling: Bushwick Design seamlessly integrates third-party systems like Square and Calendly into website layouts, enabling customers to easily schedule appointments directly through their website. This approach improves lead conversion rates and simplifies the booking process for both businesses and customers.
  • Data-Driven Insights: By leveraging integrated booking forms, businesses gain valuable data about their customers’ preferences, allowing them to make informed decisions to enhance their services. Bushwick Design ensures that the design and data collection aspects of their clients’ websites work harmoniously to drive business growth.
  • Event Ticket Sales: Whether selling tickets for events, or booking private lessons and group classes, Bushwick Design customizes third-party applications like The Events Calendar Pro to help clients manage their offerings efficiently. This approach simplifies event management and enables customers to purchase tickets easily, driving sales and promoting community engagement.
  • Consultation Bookings: Bushwick Design integrates third-party booking services like Acuity Scheduling to facilitate free or paid consultations for businesses. By providing a convenient way for potential customers to schedule consultations, businesses can generate new leads and build strong relationships with potential clients.

The success stories of clients like The Pearl City Clay House and Brooklyn SolarWorks highlight the effectiveness of Bushwick Design’s approach. Their web design expertise empowers businesses to maximize their online presence, convert leads into customers, and achieve unprecedented growth in 2023.

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