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Use Google Maps API to expand your reach, connect with other businesses, sell tickets, and fuel activism.

Google Maps is mostly used to get directions when you’re driving, biking, or using public transportation, but its API (application programming interface) can be a useful tool to integrate within your business’s website. Using helpful techniques like geolocation and geocoding, Google Maps can be used to expand your business’s reach, connect or support like-minded organizations, sell tickets all around the world, and ignite activism. 

APIs are everywhere; a hidden web of messengers that take a user’s request and search it against a database, delivering results back to the user in a split second. For example, when you’re searching for the most economical flight for your next vacation, an API might connect your search data with one or several third-party databases, before aggregating that data and serving it back to you.

Here is a simple yet effective video on APIs.

Businesses can harness the power of the Google Maps API to serve geolocated content and improve the localized customer experience on their websites.

Embedding Google Maps into your own website is an option but, where do you begin? There’s a Maps Static API for simple Google Map embeds, a Maps JavaScript API for interactive and customizable maps, a Places API to access data about points of interest, and a Directions API to provide routes to a location. With so many ways to implement Google Maps, it’s important to find a reputable and experienced web design company to help achieve your company’s specific goals. Here are just a few ways Bushwick Design has helped its clients integrate Google Maps into their websites. 

Show Your Reach

Brooklyn SolarWorks

Brooklyn SolarWorks’ mission is to make solar appealing, easy and available for Brooklyn’s urban homeowners. In the big city, it doesn’t seem realistic that anyone could have giant solar panels attached to their apartment buildings rooftops. Bushwick Design helped BSW implement the Google Maps API to illustrate BSW’s spread of solar arrays across the city. Brooklyn SolarWorks’ Solar Installation Map shows web visitors the power of alternative energy in our home borough. 

Since hiring us, BSW has reached countless Brooklyn homeowners through the power of phenomenal web design.

Solar Power of Oklahoma

Solar Power of Oklahoma (SPO) hired us to build a website that would attract new customers while putting a spotlight on the impact of their solar arrays. We delivered a sleek and modern website, implementing a Solar Installation Map that showcases all of the solar systems SPO has installed.

Users simply input their zip code into the fully customized map and can immediately see where SPO’s solar systems have been installed. This gives potential customers comfort knowing that SPO is a reputable and in demand business. 

The Solar Installation Map is not only practical, but it fits SPO’s polished and trustworthy look. We integrated Google Maps API using geolocation to help SPO spotlight their reach.

Sell Tickets

The Nutcracker Store

The Nutcracker! Magic of Christmas Ballet tours the US and Canada annually, performing in over 140 cities. They needed a simple and effective way to help point their consumers to the nearest show without going through a third-party. 

Bushwick Design leveraged geolocation and geocoding API’s to help potential concertgoers in finding performances nearby. Using the power of Google Maps API and smart web design, The Nutcracker Store now has a powerful way to sell tickets directly to their consumers. 

Show Your Support

4 Corners Carbon Coalition

We helped 4 Corners Carbon Coalition illustrate their partners’ efforts to curb climate change by integrating Google Maps API into their website. 

Whether you’re directing customers to find your products in other stores across the country, or helping people find ways to take action in their own zip code, Google Maps API integration can help further your business’s goals.

Fuel Activism

Open Air Collective

OpenAir Collective is a 100% volunteer-led, global network accelerating carbon removal advancement and evolution through member initiated missions. We created and developed a content-rich, visually engaging website for OpenAir Collective to help connect their activists and put causes into motion.

Through the power of the Google Maps API, we helped volunteers collaborate on their missions. Whenever volunteers take action and call a government official to express support for a bill, a pin is put on an embedded Google map to show where a volunteer has raised their voice. 

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Bushwick Design helps businesses of all sizes build their brands, generate leads, and increase revenue through the power of great web design. Google Maps Integration, APIs, geocoding, and geolocation are just a few of the ways Bushwick Design has been able to help their clients connect with local customers and grow their customer bases.

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