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The Solar Industry is booming. According to the SEIA, solar energy has experienced an average annual growth rate of 24%. Solar companies everywhere are helping people reduce greenhouse gas emissions and cut costs by installing solar arrays.

Bushwick Design understands the unique needs of solar companies. We are an award winning web design company who’s taken multiple solar companies’ web presence to the next level.

By integrating cutting-edge web technologies and APIs, solar companies can better connect with their customers. Through the power of great web design, we help solar companies reach new customers and clearly illustrate the benefits of solar energy.

Here are some ways we’ve helped our solar clients connect with consumers, spotlight their products, and grow their businesses to record breaking levels.

Connecting with Consumers

In today’s digital landscape, a basic contact form is not enough to reach new clients. Solar companies are ahead of the times. Your website should be too. We’ve helped our clients better connect with consumers by using the latest web technologies. 

We developed bespoke Customer Maps for our long-term clients, Brooklyn SolarWorks (BSW). Our map implementation for BSW allows users to input their ZIP code, and see how many solar installations BSW has installed in their area, encouraging new customers to follow their neighbors’ lead and install solar.

Solar Power of Oklahoma, the largest solar company in Oklahoma, have also successfully utilized our Customer Maps implementations to showcase their mass appeal. Customer Maps have proven to be an invaluable tool to build trust and connection with the greater community.

Multiple chat features have been incorporated throughout our clients’ websites to ensure visitors are never left waiting for assistance. Powertrust, for instance, benefits from a customized Hubspot chat feature. Users are directly connected to pricing information or a member of their sales team in seconds. For BSW, we helped their team implement a Call Me Now feature, allowing users to leave their phone numbers for immediate callbacks, ensuring effortless connectivity with potential clients.

The connections we’ve built for our clients go above and beyond lead generation. For example, we built a private Customer Portal for existing Brooklyn SolarWorks clients. Their customers can monitor solar production, see useful guides on how their panels work, pay invoices, and sign contracts. Through intuitive web design, we help solar companies grow.  

Illustrating the Benefits of Solar Energy

Let your website do the selling for you. From informative diagrams to 360° models, we’ve created and implemented it all.

We designed a custom solar panel diagram for BSW that helps educate potential customers on how solar works:

We also implemented a 3D interactive view of BSW’s Virtual Showroom to help visitors explore their headquarters virtually.

Brooklyn Solar Canopy needed a way to help customers from Brooklyn and beyond configure and purchase their own solar canopies and pergolas. By leveraging the power of several APIs, and in partnership with Tapmod Studios, we built a fully immersive 3D configurator. The tool takes local wind, snow, and seismic factors into account, adapting the configurator to possible scenarios for their canopy and ultimately leading customers to get a proposal and quote. With this remarkable configurator, closing the deal becomes a breeze for Brooklyn Solar Canopy.

For Powertrust, illustrating their impact across the world was crucial. In collaboration with NB Design Studio, we developed a beautiful Case Studies Map, allowing users to explore Powertrust’s global reach. By clicking on different areas of the map, visitors are led to diagrams showcasing Powertrust’s work in those regions. The map is a natural and aesthetically pleasing feature that gives visitors a complete understanding of Powertrust’s mission and accomplishments. Powertrust admin can continue to add products flexibly on the map, which scales to fit all devices.

Driving Exponential Growth

We empower solar companies by connecting them with tools that deliver invaluable insights and analytics. Generating exponential growth has never been simpler.

Every page visit, every click, and every response triggers a data point allowing you to see how your website is working for you. We design our websites to help you better understand who your customers are. In-depth analytics integrations have helped our clients generate more leads and foster exponential growth.


The Solar Industry is experiencing record breaking levels of growth. It is now more important than ever to hire a phenomenal web designer to help you reach more people. Bushwick Design has extensive experience building cutting-edge websites for solar companies. We understand the terminology and needs that are unique to solar businesses. We’ve helped past clients connect with consumers, illustrate their product, and drive exponential growth. 

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