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Carbon Gap Policy Tracker


London, UK and Brussels, BE





Carbon Gap is a philanthropy-funded, expert non-profit helping Europe become a world leader in deploying carbon removal.

The Carbon Gap Policy tracker aims to increase awareness and access to European carbon removal policies.


After designing Carbon Gap’s main site, CG asked us to create an interactive policy tracker that allows users to track Carbon Removals policies across Europe.

Three main features were proposed for the tracker: a filterable, data-rich database; user-configurable dashboards that cross section various policies within the database; and a country map that displays Carbon Removals information at a glance.


The Carbon Removal Policy Tracker gives users an interactive and comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of CDR policies in Europe.

We implemented a dashboard, interactive world map, policy database, and resource section to give users power over how they engage with policies. We also created 100+ unique icons that Carbon Gap can use to tag their projects based on various criteria.

Carbon removals
in Europe, at a glance.

Our custom interactive map empowers users to explore CDR data on all EU countries.

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