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Carbon Gardener







Carbon Gardener is an educational service by OpenAir Collective.

CG empowers teams to remove carbon from the atmosphere by using a technique called, enhanced rock weathering.

CG’s mission is to help teams at universities around the world answer a big question:

Can enhanced rock weathering remove billions of tons of carbon from the air across different soil conditions and help reverse climate change?


Carbon Gardener’s parent company, OpenAir Collective, came to Bushwick Design in need of a dynamic and interactive website that would help educate and inspire grassroots growth.

They needed a website that could empower users to create their own meaningful change by using enhanced rock weathering.

CG needed a tool that could give users real data on their efforts to curb carbon emissions.


Bushwick Design created a visually stunning and immersive website for Carbon Gardener.

BD coded a custom calculator for CG that measures tons of CDR per acre that users have removed from the atmosphere just by using enhanced rock weathering.

BD created an interactive map that illustrates everywhere users have used CG’s tools to remove CDR from the atmosphere.

Users now have a complete online space where they can learn how to take measurable action against their carbon footprint and track their impact.