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Carbon Removals at COP

2022 - Present

Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt; Expo City, Dubai





In 2022, Carbon Removals at COP (CDR@COP) asked us to create a dedicated platform for COP, the UNFCCC’s (United Nations Climate Change) yearly climate change conference.

CDR@COP offers accessible content on the latest in carbon removals. Their collaborative effort is composed of volunteers, NGOs, and practitioners from across the carbon removal ecosystem.



CDR@COP’s primary goal was to create an online portal that streams events, publishes daily commentary, and organizes support for carbon removals during COP, and beyond.

We envisioned a dashboard-style setup where visitors can quickly and easily find information on the day’s featured events, view daily briefs, and learn more about events from previous days.



We designed a custom engaging web portal, encouraging visitors to explore CDR@COP’s content in a digestible manner. Since many visitors are attendees with mobile devices, we created an intuitive, responsive layout that works perfectly on all devices.

Instagram Live, YouTube Live, and StreamYard integrations make it easy to tune in to CDR@COP talks from anywhere. COP attendees can add events to their personal calendars via the site’s bespoke, comprehensive events calendar.


We created one-of-a-kind logo and identity for Carbon Removals at COP.

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Fantastic design, from mobile to desktop.

Since many COP attendees are on the move all day, the Carbon Removals at COP website features an intuitive, responsive layout. Visitors can easily browse and add events to their phone’s calendar, view and share Carbon Removals-related content, and check out Carbon Removals at COP’s social network profiles at a glance.

Events, in the
palm of your hand.

COP has its own system of event organization and locations, so we created a bespoke events calendar for Carbon Removals at COP that incorporates the conference’s various zones and locales. The calendar accommodates both virtual and in-person events. Since COP moves locations every year, the calendar features adaptable time zone settings that adjust automatically to local time at the conference.

Our Vision

The original design mockups we created for the first version of the Carbon Removals at COP website.

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