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The Direct Air Capture Coalition supports the global effort to address the climate challenge by bringing together diverse, global leaders – from technology, business, finance, government, and civil society – to educate, engage, and mobilize around Direct Air Capture together.


The Direct Air Capture Coalition website aims to spread awareness about Direct Air Capture and the companies that are developing the technology, encourage visitors to engage with these companies, and ultimately rally visitors and new members to help shape the future of Carbon Capture worldwide.

With this in mind, we approached the Direct Air Capture Coalition’s design with clean, crisp, and modern aesthetics. Custom air turbine graphics accent the design, evoking motion and progress without favoring any one particular coalition member’s Carbon Capture design.


The Direct Air Capture Coalition website has helped draw new supporters and partners to their crucial mission. By presenting a wealth of information, resources, and news articles about Carbon Capture, visitors can easily learn about the technology. Call-to-action points throughout the site make it simple to subscribe to the Coalition’s newsletter or join their mission.

In addition to a fully custom design, we developed an indexed database that site administrators can fill with new coalition Partners and News articles. Visitors can search this database on the front end to find specific companies and news with ease, and directly engage with the world’s foremost Carbon Capture companies and technologies.

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The Direct Air Capture Coalition website is designed and developed with a responsive layout, which adapts to look incredible on all devices.