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Hyde Belt Co.


New York, NY




Hyde was founded in 2018 by two friends in New York City with a simple goal: creating a belt that they’d actually be excited to wear. One that adds to an outfit; not detracts.

In 2021, Hyde Belt Company reached out to Bushwick Design with the mission of revamping their graphics and Shopify website to better reflect their branding, values, and the quality of their belts.


The game plan with Hyde Belt Company’s project was threefold: first, our graphics team designed a secondary logo for the company and created branding guidelines that more clearly defined the company’s look and style.

Second, our team took new, clearer lightbox photography of Hyde’s belts, retouched several of Hyde’s existing promotional photos, and designed new lifestyle photography sets that feature Hyde’s belts in their full glory.

Finally, we used the updated branding and graphics as references for a full-scale redesign of the Hyde Belt Company website, aiming to cultivate an engaging user experience that put Hyde’s belts and buckles at the forefront of the e-commerce store.


We developed the Hyde Belt Company site as a custom theme within the company’s existing Shopify setup, preserving all customer and sales analytics and data while completely upgrading the visual aesthetic.

Vibrantly retouched photography shows off the quality of Hyde’s products and encourages visitors to find their perfect belt and buckle combination by exploring the company’s offerings.

Our Vision

The original design mockups we created for the first version of the Hyde Belt Company website.