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Lord & Schewel


New York, NY




As New York’s premier civil rights lawyers, Lord & Schewel PLLC specializes in assisting clients who have been wrongfully incarcerated, are victims of police abuse, or are facing life-changing criminal investigations or charges.


The idea behind developing Lord & Schewel’s web presence was to highlight the team’s dependability, professionalism, and commitment to the rights of New Yorkers. It was crucial to communicate trust to web visitors by showcasing L&S’s merits, results, and values through the power of great design.


With a fully realized web presence, Lord & Schewel launched their firm with great success, and are better equipped than ever to fight for the rights of New Yorkers.

Our Vision

The original design mockups we created for the first version of the Lord & Schewel PLLC website.

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