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New York, NY




MK is a trained executive coach and experienced education consultant. Her clients include education and business leaders, CMOs, entrepreneurial start-up ventures, and executive/C-Suite leaders in both the for-profit and non-profit sector.



MK brings a unique blend of talent and knowledge, combining her expertise as a lawyer, clinical social worker, and 20+ years of professional experience in law, social work, and education.

We aimed to create a branding package and website that places MK’s talent and knowledge at the forefront, while ensuring visitors are aware of her core values:┬ákindness, clear communication, and a genuine commitment to helping her clients achieve their individual, team, and/or organizational goals.


MK’s updated website and branding reflects her commitment to clarity and support in helping her clients achieve their goals.

By drawing attention to MK’s expertise using page-spanning photos and bold, modern fonts, visitors can easily learn about her services, join her mailing list, or schedule a call to discuss coaching.