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Moscow Ballet tours the US and Canada annually, performing in over 140 cities. Its Great Russian Nutcracker is a holiday tradition in households across North America, and has been enjoyed by prominent figures, including former first family Barack and Michelle Obama.

During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, the Moscow Ballet focused on taking their winter shows digital with livestreaming and online ticketing. The Ballet came to us with plans to build out their e-commerce presence, in order to sell holiday merchandise, tickets to their livestreams, and more.


The Moscow Ballet and its acclaimed Great Russian Nutcracker brings families together during the holidays through appreciation of the ballet art form.

With family in mind, crafted a warm, inviting layout that places focus on the Ballet’s place in the holiday season. The layout focuses on photography first, making the most of the Ballet’s bright, vivid promotional merchandise photos. Since the Ballet’s audience spans a wide age range, we sought to incorporate a clear user flow and highly customizable e-commerce structure that can be followed and understood by all.


We developed the Moscow Ballet store layout as a custom BigCommerce implementation, with a robust array of e-commerce tools to help the Ballet make the most of their online capabilities. On the frontend, featured photography of the Ballet’s merchandise draws visitors in, making it easy to browse and purchase all the holiday classics.

We optimized the page speed and flow of the new Moscow Ballet store, so visitors can effortlessly move through the site. The result is a smooth, rich design that has continued to drive sales and sell livestream tickets through the year.

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