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OpenAir Collective

2022 - Present





The unfolding emergency of our warming planet is transpiring in a world that is being relentlessly reshaped by heightened, internet-enabled connectivity. This trend continues to radically reduce barriers to interaction between individuals and groups at the margins, decentralizing influence, authority and productivity in unprecedented ways.

OpenAir is a distributed, entirely volunteer-led network that aims to creatively capitalize on these opportunities to advance, accelerate and co-invent carbon dioxide removal (CDR) in the real world through collaborative advocacy, and research & development missions.


OpenAir Collective focuses on missions – in other words, specific objectives that OpenAir members aim to accomplish in the world in order to advance CDR. Members of the organization, known as collectors, work together to complete missions.

The Collective had a robust site structure in mind, and we were up to the challenge. Missions needed to be added and edited by multiple members of the collective, while featuring a wide array of metadata and related external links.

In addition to missions, the site also needed to feature a calendar of Carbon Capture-related events, a blog, resources and videos to educate visitors on Carbon Capture technology, and an easy Membership form that facilitates new member signups.

Most recently, OpenAir reached back out to BD in need of a multiple filterable systems that could allow its users to search through their vast database of presentations surrounding climate change and carbon removals. These new additions to their dynamic site would give visitors more ways to interact with OpenAir’s content and find researched solutions to a myriad of questions.


We designed and developed a content-rich, visually engaging website for OpenAir Collective. The homepage features a video header that places the visitor directly within the stratosphere, followed by a vibrant section for the collective’s Missions. Prospective collectors can open pop-up windows for each mission with background information, progress, tagging, and more.

Numerous call-to-action points throughout the site encourage visitors to join the collective and participate in Carbon Capture discourse via their Discord server.

We also incorporated a mission tagging feature that allows OpenAir admin to tie together multiple pieces of content under a “Mission Identifier.” This makes it simple for users to find events, news, blog posts, and resources attached to a particular mission.

Since the launch, OpenAir’s user base has grown drastically – even prompting a need for more hosting bandwidth to accommodate all the visitors. We created two filterable systems, the CO2municator, which gives users the chance to research and donate presentations on their own, and the C2 Bank, which helps visitors to combine pathways with questions to find solutions to common climate change questions.

The site continues to serve visitors and collectors with vital data and information to help address future and present climate challenges.

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