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Planetary is an independent carbon removals company focused on ocean restoration. By harnessing their expertise in ocean science, metallurgy, and geochemistry, Planetary is aiming to protect and restore our oceans and climate through Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement and other technologies.


Planetary’s goals were threefold: 1. hone their branding and visual identity, 2. refresh their website to clearly tell their story and mission, and 3. develop several auxiliary graphics and animations to illustrate their processes.

Their audience consists of policy makers, regulatory bodies, local communities, carbon credit buyers, and the general public, so the website needed to be simultaneously accessible and informative for a wide audience.


Bushwick Design delivered a dynamic and custom website in a visually stunning layout for Planetary. Simple, yet informative graphics effectively spotlight Planetary’s unique capabilities and contributions.

In addition to the branding guidelines and web design, we developed several infographics and an animation (see below) that educates visitors about their Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement process.

Illustrating Ocean
Alkalinity Enhancement

We created a custom animation that shows visitors how Planetary’s Ocean Alkalinity
Enhancement (OAE) process works. View our work on the Planetary website:

Planetary’s OAE

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Our Vision

The original design mockups we created for the first version of the Planetary website.

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