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Many obstacles prevent companies from investing in renewable energy projects with the most impact.

Powertrust is helping corporate ​climate leaders to shape the world through transformative solar projects, by aggregating small projects in an accountable and transparent way.


In partnership with NB Studio and The Climate Agency, we envisioned a website that could effectively communicate Powertrust’s mission in a modern and accessible way.

Through our collaboration, we focused on incorporating invigorating colors, dynamic motion, and beveled solar panel-esque edges into the website design. NB and The Climate Agency provided initial design direction, after which we designed the subpages, infographics, and developed the entire website.


Powertrust’s bold branding colors and solar panel-themed graphics tie the layout together into a captivating, on-brand web experience. We focused on interaction within the design, implementing several key elements like a case study map, “News and Events” box, and animated motion graphics.

Fantastic design,
from mobile to desktop.

Powertrust’s site is used by visitors throughout the world, many of whom rely on their mobile devices for internet access. Thus, it was important that we developed an efficient, quick-loading website that incorporated interactivity and dynamism, with minimal usage of high-bandwidth image assets.

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Powering your
sustainability strategy.

Our custom web design helps Powertrust inform corporations about the benefits of working with them. International corporations can incorporate renewable energy projects at scale to help displace carbon-intensive electricity generation.

Our Vision

The original design mockups we created for the first version of the Powertrust website.