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R. Scott Davis Photography


Bangkok, Thailand + New York, NY




R. Scott Davis is a photographer and professor from New York, NY, currently working in Thailand and greater Southeast Asia.


R. Scott Davis’s work spans a range from nighttime street photography to brightly lit images of indoor, everyday work and life in Southeast Asia.

With this in mind, we built his branding around stark black/white tones with brief but bold accents of red. This way, his brand can be adapted to pair perfectly with the varying degrees of light and dark exposure in his work.

R. Scott Davis’s previous website didn’t afford enough space to truly feature his photography. In order to truly appreciate the depth and artistry of his work, the images desperately needed to be viewed at their fullest possible size, rather than confined by his preexisting website design.


R. Scott Davis’s new website features huge, hi-res, page-spanning photos, accompanied by bold, monospaced type that fits his mission-oriented approach to photography.

Visitors can more deeply appreciate the breadth of his portfolio, and learn more about the photos’ context and locations through embedded Google Map location tagging and dynamic animated photo captions.

On the backend, R. Scott Davis has full control over the background color, text color, and map color of every page on his site, eliminating distraction and drawing visitors’ focus to his phenomenal work and unique perspectives on life in Southeast Asia.

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