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SugarRoti was started in 2021 with the goal of creating innovative products to modernize cooking, without compromising tradition and flavor.

SugarRoti has built a business around making consistent, flavorful and simple meals accessible for busy people. Product quality and consistency are core values. They came to us in late 2020 to help launch their web presence and sell their spices on Shopify.


Utilizing Shopify’s e-commerce platform, we set out to create a custom-tailored layout for SugarRoti that accomplished two major aims: encouraging visitors to purchase their unique spice packages, and cultivating a community around their large selection of recipes featuring SugarRoti spices.


We created a custom theme for SugarRoti within Shopify, with an aesthetic that revolves around the bold color scheme of their branding, and lets the hi-res photography of SugarRoti’s spices do the talking.

SugarRoti’s recipe database features over 50 unique recipes with social media integration and user commenting.