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Word Clouds Consulting






With clients ranging from philanthropic organizations to leading venture capital firms, Word Clouds Consulting’s mission is to make climate change relatable.

By helping their clients more communicate their messages more effectively,  climate companies can make a greater impact while running more efficiently.


Word Clouds Consulting’s founder, Michael Ethan Gold needed a professional portfolio website that could showcase his vast experience as a climate consultant.

Companies in the climate space have benefitted immensely from his consultant services. It was time WCC had an accessible website and brand of its own to match his impact driven work.


Bushwick Design created a fully custom portfolio build-out site for Word Clouds Consulting. We designed WCC’s new logo and branding to represent their mission driven work.

Substack has been integrated into WCC’s  site allowing for users to easily subscribe and follow their content. With thoughtful and relatable messaging, WCC now has a website as universal as their services.